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Ceramics, Glass and Porcelain

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Holmegaard mid century Biomorphic Centerpiece Bowl

Designed by Per Lutken in 1954 (signed by PL)

Fabulous arctic blue "Fionia" bowl - gorgeous shape and in perfect condition. 31cm in diameter


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Item code: CE77


Danish Vintage Ceramics 1970es - Royal Copenhagen stoneware by Jørgen Mogensen - Sung Glaze

H. 17cm

Perfect condition




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Item code: CE75


Danish Vintage Ceramics Blue Baca series.

Johanne Gerber for Royal Copenhagen


Large Vase 36cm - SOLD

Large dish 26 x 26 x 5cm. $150



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Item code: CE76


Large Holmegaard Provence Bowl designed by Per Lütken i n 1955. Beautiful blue glass, still in production today.Ø25cm



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Item code: CE67


Royal Copenhagen by Nils Thorssen

Baca Series.

Square vase + dish

$150 (vase) 19cm

$75  (dish)   16.5 x 16.5cm


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Item code: CE68


Nils Thorssen Design for Royal Copenhagen

Baca Series. Fish and Bird vase

Fish Vase H.18.5cm W.14.5cm (Model 719/3121)

Bird Vase H. 23cm W.7.5cm. 

$250 each


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Item code: CE70


Large Black and White Omaggio Vase by Kähler Denmark -  H. 31cm

Perfect condition.




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Item code: CE71


Danish ceramics dish by Søholm

Lovely blue colour.

L. 38cm  W. 23cm



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Item code: CE73


Largest Gulvase by Otto Brauer for Kastrup Holmegaard. Handblown dark green Gulvase in perfect condition. 1950s. Magnificent!

H. 51cm




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Item code: CE74


Søholm wall hanging No.3552

by Joseph Simon.

Lovely condition




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Item code: CE66


Jens Harald Quistgaard design

Coffee cups, sideplates and more

Bing & Grøndal "Relief" We have a set of 8 coffee cups with side plates.

$75 per set

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Item code: CE60


Large Bjørn Wiinblad platter

Bjørn Wiinblad was a Danish painter, designer and artist in ceramics, porcelain, silver bronze and textiles.

In Denmark he is back in fashion again.

Size: 30cm x 30cm



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Item code: CE47


Large Green Glass platter with red edge

Unknown design but very decorative. Looks like Holmegaard.

Diameter: 35.5cm



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Item code: CE49


Danish Vintage Royal Copenhage No. 21871

Design by Jørgen Mogensen

Size: 21 x 15cm


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Item code: CE53


Royal Copenhagen pitcher vase Blue Tenera design by Inge-Lise Kofoed.

13cm high



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Item code: CE28


Danish Vintage Stoneware vase

Jette Hellerøe ceramics



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Item code: CE32


Royal Copenhagen Baca Series square dishes.

Nils Thorsson, Marianne Johnson, Johanne Gerber design

16.5cm x 16.5cm

All sold except bottom left corner (dark blue)

$85 each

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Item code: CE33


Danish Vintage Ceramics bowl

Bright orange glazing inside. Stamped: Made in Denmark Holbæk.

Diameter: 30cm  H.6cm


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Item code: CE34


Danish Vintage Vases

Design Johgus and Michael Andersen Ceramics Bornholm

$80 large vase  (24cm)

$65 small vase

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Item code: CE39


Magnificent Vintage Bowl - Danish Vintage ceramics.

L.33cm  W. 19cm  H.6cm


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Item code: CE40


Danish Vintage Holmegaard/Royal Copenhagen

Brown on white, Denmark meets Japan.

3 lovely pieces

H. 9cm  17cm  18cm

$175 (the set)

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Item code: CE19


Royal Copenhagen Black Glassware series.

Vase: H. 25cm - Turquoise glacing inside.

Bowls: H:16cm (large) 15 x 15cm H.11cm (small) 10x10cm.

Vase: $125

Large Bowl: S O L D

Small Bowl: $85

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Item code: CE18



Holmegaard Red/orange and White - Palet series 1960es.

Danish Vintage Holmegaard by Michael Bang


Spice Jars  $75 each

salt and pepper  $150 a pair

vinegar bottle with glass stopper $125




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Item code: CE13


Vintage Ships Glassware by Holmegaard

Designed by Per Lutken



8 Red wine

8 White wine

8 Akvavit/snaps

4 liquor

7 sweetwine


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Item code: CE09


Søholm Vase and bowl -the blue Series

designed by Ejnar Johansen.

Vase 19cm high (No.3325) $125

Bowl 20 cm long: $75

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Item code: CE08


Royal Copenhagen polar Bears



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Item code: CE05



Royal Copenhagen Polar Bear - Large and perfect condition.

No 1137

H.16cm L.37 cm



We have more sizes of the polar Bears from $150


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Item code: CE03



Knud Kyhn for Royal Copenhagen

Mother Bear with cub in Sung Glaze. H.11cm




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Item code: CE04



Bjørn Wiinblad glass platters by Rosenthal 28.5 diam.

in original boxes.

$85 each


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Item code: CE01


Large Holmegaard "Provence" bowl Model No 17792,

28cm diam. Designed by Per Lutken in 1955.


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Item code: GL69


Royal Copenhagen Bing and Grøndahl Fluted iron porcelain. This was specifically made for the restaurant industry.

Soup/pasta bowls No 1008 24.5 cm (6 available)

Lunch plates No 1007 22cm (24 available)

Pasta Bowls       $110 each

Lunch Plates      $85 each

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Item code: GL59

Danish ceramics from Bornholm.

Johgus Ceramic Workshop Bornholm Johs. M.Pedersen and Gustav Ottosen founded together the studio and workshop in Ronne, Bornholm 1944. Gustav Ottosen had to withdraw due to illness in 1952 So Johannes M. Pedersen continued alone. Joh-&-Gus is a mix of their names. In the workshop utensils, vases and sculptures were created and manufactured.

Max Height 19cm.   Jug sold

Large vase $85

Low vase $65

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Item code: GL42